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Aug 3 2009         Lucy Mullins Woolwine obit
                             Robert Wimmer obit
                             Mary A Martin obit
                             Nelson Sheppard obit
                             Trigg M Woolwine obit

Sept 2 2009        Samuel Wade Schoonover obit
Sept 9 2009        Granville Barger census info
Oct 24 2009        Sarah Ann Hampton Schoonover info        
Oct 25 2009        Misc changes to Charles Robley Woolwine family
                              Samuel Woolwine obit
                              Donald Hicks obit
                             Joseph Harrison
Dec 4 2009         Updates to Abram Woolwine son George Lewis Woolwine and Family                        
March 21 2010   Add Sarah Schoonover Obit                    
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                              Added headstone picture for Mary Elizabeth McGrew Woolwine Evans

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                             Added new info to George Ostman and Pearl Woolwine

Apr 5 2011          Added new info to Deborah Margaret Woolwine Cox family

May 13 2011       Added Headstone for Harvey and Amy Vance Woolwine  

June 12 2011     Added picture for Andrew Jackson Bruce

June 15 2011     Added family to Virgil L Woolwine

July 6 2011         Added obits for Lorraine Woolwine Akers and James Ted Woolwine.

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May 17 2012       Added obit for Elizabeth McGrew Woolwine Evans

June 16 2012     Added obits for Wayland and Thalia Woolwine Melson

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