I dedicate these Skaggs pages to my Great Grandmother Laura May Skaggs

from left to right Laura May, her son Clyde Barton,
Clyde's son Don Eugene Barton, and me Nancy Barton Bowers (on his lap) taken 1947

                                                GENERATION 1
                                      ** Indicates my personal Skaggs Line


Children of Richard and Mary

THOMAS SKAGGS  ** b. 1728 d. 1805

        SUSANNA SKAGGS b. 1730

        ISAAC SKAGGS b. 1736 d. 1803

        RICHARD SKAGGS b. 1737



THOMAS SKAGGS (Richard 1) b. Oct 22 1728 Prince George's Co MD d. 1805 at the age of 77 Wolf Creek Monroe Co VA buried Greenbrier Baptist Church Cemeterson Alderson Greenbrier Co VA
m. possibly

Census: 1774 Botetourt Co VA; 1790 Greenbrier Co VA;
         1790 census Greenbrier Co VA                             

Tax List: 1782/3 Greenbrier Co VA; 1786 1 tithable negro, 5 horses, 12 cows; 
1786 1 tithable negro, 6 horses, 12 cows
1788 1 tithable negro, 4 horses, 0 cows
1792 2 tithables, 3 horses, 0 negroes
1799 Thomas Skaggs, Wolf Creek

Property: 1774 270 acres of land by old land claim "Tomahawk right". It was surveyed for Thomas in the year 1774.

Note: Thomas was listed as a member of Greenbrier Baptist Church Alderson Greenbrier Co VA 1803
In the church minutes Thomas was described as being old and infirmed and exempt from paying any
Church expenses ("Thomas Skaggs & his children" by Ida Lancaster)

Children of Thomas
(I'm sure there are probably more children but this is all I have now)        
b. 1749

        JAMES E SKAGGS b. 1758 Greenbrier Co VA


        RICHARD SKAGGS ** b. 1765 d. 1844
b. 1768 m. RICHARD HICKS (son of JOSEPH HICKS         and MELVINA COLE Creek Co VA

        ELIZABETH SKAGGS b. 1770

1775-1779 VA

ISAAC SKAGGS (Richard1) b. 1736 prob MD d. 1803 at the age of 67 Greenbrier Co VA
NANCY (NANNIE) GOODWIN Oct 30 1787 Greenbrier Co VA

Will: Aug 25 1803 Greenbrier Co VA Will book 1 p. 36

Military: Isaac served in the military in 1857 in French and Indian War,
Richard, Isaac & James are listed as being in Capt Dogworthy's company "O" 
Enlisted the same day and were at Braddock's defeat
"History of Fredrick Co, " by T C Williams

Children of Isaac and Nancy
b. 1799 VA  m. JOHN CASADA

RICHARD SKAGGS (Richard1) b. 1737
SARAH SELBY d. 1802 Frederick Co MD

Child of Richard and Sarah


JOHN SKAGGS SR (Thomas2, Richard1) b. his headstone says 1762, however I've seen it as 1760 also.  d. his headstone says Dec 8 1839 but others say 1829 as that's when he disappeared from the tax list.  
(1) Unknown  (John listed as head of family 1782-1785)
(2) KATHERINE HICKS (dau of JOSEPH HICKS and MELVINA COLE) Feb 14 1786 Greenbrier Co VA by Rev John Alderson at the Old Greenbrier Church b. 1765 VA/MD d. abt 1850

John and Katherine Skaggs Headstone 
                                               From Jim Skaggs Picture Trail

(her headstone says 1842 however she is listed in the 1850 census living with John JR and family age 85
both buried Greenbrier Baptist Church Cemetery Alderson VA

Property: 1795 668 acres Wolf Creek Greenbrier Co VA; 1803 deeded 125 acres each to Joseph, James, and Richard(at this time I am confused about which James and Richard these are???;
1817 148 acres in Big Laurel Cr Greenbrier Co VA

Military: Served in the Revolutionary War as a scout and spy and was paid Five pounds and Five shillings for his service
Lists Skeggs, John Bowen's Co Kings Mountain
April 15 1783 Washington Co VA War pension approved (Annals of Southwest Virginia)

Children of John and Catherine

        JAMES M RUSSELL SKAGGS b. Oct 4 1787 d. March 6 1875
        MARY (MOLLY/POLLY) SKAGGS b. May 8 1789 d. June 3 1876

        JANE (JENNIE) SKAGGS b. 1792 Greenbrier Co VA d. Aug 4 1880         age 88 Monroe Co WV
        m. PETER MILLER April 15 1815 Monroe Co VA b. March 6 1789         Augusta Co VA
        d. June 12 1856 Wolf Creek Monroe Co WV  both buried Greenbrier         Baptist Church Cemetery Alderson WV            Peter Miller Will

        THOMAS SKAGGS b. 1793 d. May 1877

        LUCRETIA JANE SKAGGS b. 1794 d. 1860

        JOHN HENRY SKAGGS JR b. Feb 15 1795 d. Feb 26 1892

        SARAH SUSAN SKAGGS b. 1800 d. after 1880

        CATHERINE (KATE) SKAGGS b. 1803 Monroe Co VA d. after 1880         unmarried

        DAVID J SKAGGS b. March 31 1804 d. Sept 1 1883

b. 1805 will proved Dec 7 1874 Greenbrier Co         WV

OLIVER C SKAGGS b. 1808 d. Nov 2 1877

        LEVI M SKAGGS b. 1811 d. April 1870


(Thomas2, Richard1) b. 1765 Monroe Co VA d. April 1844 Fayette Co VA
SUSANNA WOOD (dau of BAILEY WOOD and NANCY) March 10 1789 Greenbrier Co VA by John Alderson b. 1776 VA (The marriage records show her name as WARE and WARD) d. 1843 age 67

Aug 31 1790 Jury duty for trial of Francis Tincher vs John Conner

Tax List: 1788 Richard Scaggs 1 tithable negro 2 horses 0 cows
1796 Greenbrier Co 1 tithable 3 horses 0 negroes
1815 Greenbrier Co VA 2 tithable 3 horses and 15 cows

Census: 1820 Nicholas VA; 1830 Nicholas Co VA; 1840 Fayette Co VA

        Feb 11 1797-Richard Skaggs and wife Susannah Skaggs 150 acres for one         dollar to William Graham on Kellies Creek/Greenbrier River adjacent to John         Millstead rec'd, John Stephen's 1774 survey.

        Feb 1797 Richard Skaggs and wife Susannah Skaggs 150 acres for one         dollar to David Garrad southside of Kellies Creek, adj Conrad Keller, William         Graham, James Givin, Richard Skaggs

        June 26 1798-Joseph Pierson and wife Charlotte Pierson 95 acres for one         dollar to David Garrad southside of Kellies Creek, adj to Conrad Keller,         William Graham, James Givin, Richard Skaggs.

        1830 Richard Skaggs 251 acres on the foot of Gauley Mtn

        1833 Land Records Fayette Co VA p. 106: Richard Skaggs by virtue of part         of land office treasury warrant for 500 acres no. 11114 dated 22nd of Dec         1833 assee of Frances Tyree assee of Feliz C Hansford. Enters 50 acres of         land in Fayette Co on the branch he lives on adjoining his own land to begin         near the branch on his own line above his place then to extend up on both         sides of the branch to include all the best land for quantity of 50 acres         Feb 7 1834

Will: signed July 16 1842 Fayette Co VA Probated April 1844         Richard's will

Children of Richard and Susanna
JOSEPH PRESTON SKAGGS ** b. 1795 d. Aug 1875

        JEPU (JESSE) SKAGGS b. June 20 1799 d. Jan 20 1866

        BAILEY SKAGGS b.1803  d. abt 1865

        SUSANNA SKAGGS b. 1808 d. before 1844

        LUCRETIA (LUCY) SKAGGS b. 1840 d. abt 1845

        SABINA SKAGGS  b. 1813 d. July 3 1878

        LUCINDA SKAGGS b. 1817 d. April 5 1880

        NANCY M SKAGGS b. 1821 d. 1898

        ELIZABETH J SKAGGS b. 1823

        FRANCES SKAGGS b. abt 1825 Greenbrier Co VA m. SAMUEL KINCAID         March 3 1845 Monroe Co VA by Martin T Bibb

Well, I have come to a point where I have decided to cut my research and put my
Skaggs info on my website.  There is lots more to find, but I will save the rest for later.

I would like to thank all those that helped me in my search for Skaggs information.
It is a combination of others sharing their info directly with me, finding data on other websites, family members, as well as many books.

I especially found "Thomas Skaggs and his Children" by Ida Lancaster very helpful, and Jim Skaggs has been a great help.  See his great collection of headstones at  

There are sooooo....many Skaggs with the same name, it is suprising that anyone can match a family.  That's why, as in all endeavers of this nature, I'm sure there are lots of mistakes.  I apologize ahead of time for them.  If you have any corrections or additions to this project,  please send them to me at  My ancestors are always happy to get mail from cousins.   Nancy