March 16 2010      Added Dixie Macormic picture

March 17 2010      Added info for Ruby Ellen Gulley + obit
                                 Added info for Thelma E Overturf & family
                                 Added info for Carl Overturf
                                 Added info for Marion Joel Stalcup
                                 Added picture for Harry Gulley family

March 18 2010      Added obit for Ronald A Gulley
                                 Added obit for Kylee Guittar

March 24 2010      Added obit for Buel Barbarick

April 2 2010           Added obits for Harvey Hinckley and Pauletta Hinckley

April 29 2010         Added info to William David Gulley family

May 2 2010            Added obit for Golda Gulley Teffertiller

May 27 2010          Added info to Louetta Shockley and Marion M Mandrell family
                                 Added info to  Evan Monroe Shockley family
                                 Added info to Mary Elizabeth Shockley and Joseph Josiah Mcdonald family
                                 Added info to John R Gulley and Margaret Coffelt family

July 10 2010          Added obits for Anna Louetta Shockley and M M Mandrell
                                 Added military notes to Archie Grammer, Fred Grammer, Jessee Grammer

Oct 25 2010           Made corrections to Morgi Croasum family info

Nov 23 2010           Added family info and corrections to Mary Kathryn Gulley

Dec 30 2010           Added info to Oleen Katherine Rasner

Jan 1 2011             Added additional info for Oleen Rasner family

March 26 2011       Added family info for Robert Leon Gulley

April 17 2011          Added obit for Fred Riley Gulley Jr

May 19 2011           Added obit for Ruby O West Shockley

May 30 2011           Added death info for Ronnie Gulley

June 8 2011           Added marriage info to Lauren Null

Sept 15 2011          Added obit for Billie Wayne Grammer

Jan 23 2012           Added info to Elzada Hammond and James Price family

April 3 2012            Added death info and memorial picture page for Lisa Wyman Smith

May 14 2012          Added obit for Lonnie E Grammer

June 16 2012        Added obit for Oliver Jordan Gulley

Oct 26 2012           Added info and Headstones for Samuel E Shockley family

Oct 31 2012           Added headstone for William and Emily Gulley Shockley
                                 Added headstone for Rev William H Shockley

Nov 3 2012            Added Frisco Records for Harry Gulley, Tommy Macormic and Paul Gulley

March 29 2013     Added obit for Archie Grammer

April 15 2013        Added picture of Harry and Mamie Marrs Gulley

Sept 21 2013        Added family info for Hazel Gulley and Oscar Estes

Nov 3 2013            Added info for Max Gulley family

Jan 14 2014          Added obit for Mary L Uselton Overturf

Jan 22 2014          Added obit for Loran R Overturf Jr

March 31 2014     Added obit for Halbert E Gulley

May 25 2014          Added obit for Lavaughn Talley Overturf

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