Aug 6 2010              Added headstone for Cecil and Helen Teffertiller
                                  Added headstone for Francis Martin Swain
                                  Added headstone for Lawanda Swain
Aug 7 2010              Added headstone for Morine Connor Schweizer
                                  Added headstone for James Elbert Connor
Aug 8 2010              Added headstones for Andrew & Sylvia Connor Rogers
                                  Added headstone for William Elbert & Harriett Raby Shepherd
                                  Added headstone for Belle Shepherd Williams
                                  Added headstone for Donald Lee Shepherd
                                  Added headstone for Kathern and Parks McCullough
                           Added headstone for James & Frances Overturf
                                  Added headstone for Iona King Moss
                                  Added picture of Louisa Connor Parris
Aug 11 2010           Added info and pics for Louisa Connor and Alfred W Parris
Nov 17 2010           Added info to Jasper F Overturf family including obit
Sept 2 2012            Added family info for Nathan J Overturf; Oris G Overturf and
                                  Nathan J Overturf
Oct 27 2012           Added family info and headstones for Oris and Helen Overturf
                                 Added headstone for Wm Moore and Callie Connor
                                 Added headstone for Nathan and Beatrice Rogers Overturf
Oct 29 2012           Added headstone for Rocky Lynn Connor
Oct 30 2012           Added headstone for Effie Jane Clark Connor
Nov 1 2012             Added obit for Josephine Storey Overturf
Nov 8 2013             Added info for Nathan Jefferson Overturf
Feb 27 2014           Added obit for Helen Frances Fairchild Overturf
April 7 2014            Added obit for Albert Gulley
April 11 2014         Added obit for Elbert Teffertiller
May 25 2014          Added family info for Jesse Benjamin Connor
Feb 12 2015          Added obit for Dorothy Marshall Overturf
Feb 13 2015          Added info for Stanley L Teffertiller and family