Jan 25 2012                           Website Posting Completed

Jan 26 2012                           Added Bio and Notes for Amos Trask
                                                 Added headstone for Bathsheba Barton
                                                 Added picture and military for Capt David Barton

Feb 8 2012                             Added Headstone for Joseph Small
                                                 Added Headstone for Judy and Shellie Gunnells
                                                 Added Headstone for Laura Pratt Hickox

Feb 9 2012                             Added picture to Claire Beger picture page
                                                 Added picture to Linda Beger McBridge picture page

Feb 10 2012                           Added Rufus and Nancy Barton Headstones
                                                 Added Headstone for Nancy Small
                                                 Added Pic & Headstone for Nancy Barton Daniels
                                                 Added Headstone for Otis Cooper

Feb 11 2012                           Added Headstone for Jedidia Barton
                                                 Added Headstone for Reuben & Hannah Pratt
                                                 Added obit for Russell Holmes
                                                 Added Headstone for Samuel Streeter
                                                 Added Obit for Shellie Gunnells
                                                 Added Headstone for Timothy Church
                                                 Added Headstone for Zebina Squires

Sept 15 2012                         Added info for Sarah Julia Hopkins and
                                                 Frank Eggleston Family

Sept 19 2012                         Added obit for Dorothy Feutz Schantz
                                                 Added info for Byron Barton

May 12 2013                          Added obit for Margaret Annetta Elder Barton

June 21 2013                        Added family info for Byron N Barton

July 18 2013                          Made correction to Ardelia S Barton

Aug 15 2013                           Added family info for Emmett Emerson Fowlston
                                                 and Parthenia Jane Ensign

Sept 7 2014                           Made correction to John Barton b. 1726