Don Eugene Barton and daughter Nancy

These Barton Pages are dedicated to
Don E Barton, my father, who could be a
pain, but who was always there for me,
and in whose eyes, I could do no wrong.
He did not have a good childhood, but
like most of us, he raised his children,
the best he could with the way he was raised. I think he did a pretty darn good job!
As with all my family lines, you are welcome to help yourself
to whatever info you find helpful in your own personal family search. 
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As always, I welcome corrections or additions.  Just email
me with the information.
As with all information, you need to verify everything.  I do my
best to be accurate, however I get my info from all kinds of
sources and it's possible something incorrect could slip by me.
                                                        GENERATION 1

** Designates my personal family line

EDWARD BARTON** b. unknown


1639 Edward and
Elizabeth Gray were married at Marblehead, MA

1646 Received a grant of lands in the Portsmouth jurisdiction, evidently at Little Harbor, on
           the Piscataqua

1650 Served as a trial juryman at Portsmouth NH
           Edward sued Phillip Gorrell for seven pound debt; action withdrawn on Oct 15 1650
           in Georgianna

1651 He was brought to court for beating his wife

1652 and 1653 Received additional grants of land in Portsmouth, NH

1656 Served as a grand juryman.
           At Portsmouth, "Susannah Trimmings, wife of Oliver Trimming
           of Little Harbor, complained that she had been bewitched by Jane Walford, wife of Thomas Walford
           Among the witnesses in this case was Eliza (Elizabeth) Barton, wife of Edward Barton

1657 Served as a coroner's juryman.
           Took the oath of fidelity to the Massachusetts Bay Government at Exeter, New Hampshire

1658 He was among those that subscribed to the minister's salary

1661 Edward fined 10 shillings and 5 shillings for officers fees for swearing commonly
           by Jesus Christ The witnesses were William Scadlocke and Morgan Howell

July 18 1665 Edward sued Stephen Batson in Wells for not performing his bond according to his
           award to the value of 40 pounds.  The court found for Edward and Batson forfitted the bond.

1666 He was among those that subscribed to the minister's salary. 
           Edward moved from Portsmouth to Cape Porpoise Maine and settled on a farm of about three hundred
           acres, which he bought from Anthony Littlefield. The move may have been occasioned by
           Edward being a loyalist to MA.  The farm was situated on Montague's Neck bounded by the sea, Cape
           Porpoise River and Montague River

June 1666 Edward was one of the appraisers of the estate of Morgan Howell Cape Porpoise, York Co, ME
           Edward and family were forced by Indian trouble to move to Salem.

before April 1671 Edward died.

April 1671 Elizabeth Barton, widow of Edward, and Griffin Montague gave bonds for L200, as security
           for Elizabeth's administration of the estate of her late husband, which was appraised at L81,
           the house, lands, and marsh being valued at L40.

July 4 1671 York, York, ME Edwards estate probated

Jan 13 1673 Widow Barton was among the commoners at Marblehead who met and appointed men to
           protect the town commons from cattle over grazing.

after 1673 Elizabeth died

Children of Edward and Elizabeth
MARY BARTON b. 1639 d. 1714

MATTHEW BARTON ** b. 1640 d. after 1729

EDWARD BARTON b. abt 1647 Portsmouth, Rockingham, NH
           1672 Edward and brother Benjamin were among the petitioners to the MA Bay Government for
           1674 He took oath of fidelity both at Pemiquid and at Salem. Edward was a soldier in King Phillips
            war and was mentioned as being at the garrison at Mendon, now in Worcester Co.
            General Court ordered that he be allowed to "keep a house of public entertainment and to retail
            beere, wyne and liquers at Cape Bonewagon in Boothbay Southport"
            1682 Edward jailed in Boston for resisting the draft for a Marine expedition and filed a suit there

WILLIAM BARTON b. abt 1650 d. bef April 5 1700

ELISHA BARTON b. abt 1655 Portsmouth Rockingham NH d. after 1689 Kittery York ME
           York York ME b. abt 1657
           Elisha and Ephriam Crockett registered an agreement at the Court of Sessions in York whereby for
           the sum of 12 pounds Elisha discharges his wife's right to her father's estate.  The sum was payable
           over three years at 4 pounds a year.
           Dec 20 1677 he gave a deposition concerning a case against William Hilton accused of assault
           on Smuttynose


           BENJAMIN BARTON